Dacota Liska

Doctoral Student


Research Projects (excludes current working papers)

Welcome to my Research Projects page!

To protect my intellectual property, I have listed brief descriptions of each project below. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn by clicking here!

Digital Marketing Projects:

1) The Sky Above: An Investigation into the Visual Dimensions of the Sky

  • Did you know that the sky can influence your online shopping habits even while you are inside? This project investigates this fascinating phenomena.

2) Online Product-Environment Congruence

  • This research suggests that many companies are inefficiently presenting their products to consumers both in their online digital spaces and in their offline print advertisements.

3) Visual Perspectives and Presence

  • I investigate a discrepancy between priming and directly manipulating visual perspective and suggest a third factor, presence, which explains this discrepancy and allows both researchers and managers to more accurately study visual perspective.

4) Social Media Platforms

  • As social media platforms rise and fall faster than we can research them. I suggest a model of social media platforms which predicts changing consumer behavior on each new platform without the need to research that platform independently.

Social Good Projects

5) Reducing Sugar Consumption

  • Overconsumption of sugar is a common, yet often overlooked issue in today's world. I utilize the evolving view of "the self" in today's digital world to suggest a new approach to reduce sugar consumption.

6) Dissertation Extensions

  • My dissertation helps to bridge biodiversity conservation and marketing and, as a result, opens the door for many research opportunities that I am pursuing.
    • Investigating how the specific touch attributes (e.g., soft or hard) of an animal/plant influences consumer behavior.
    • Expanding the use of contingent valuation in environmental protection to investigate willingness to donate time to a cause.
    • Using my industry connections to investigate the effectiveness of exhibit signage to encourage environmental protection efforts.
    • Exploring the potential three-way interaction of gender, flora and fauna, and haptic imagery in future research.
    • Evaluating the role that processing fluency plays in driving the effectiveness of haptic imagery manipulations.
    • Expand our understanding of haptic imagery in a broader context by investigating its impact on consumers when using harmful plants and animals.
    • Explore the role that empathy plays in driving environmental protection efforts.

Methodology Projects:

7) Immersive Virtual Environments (IVE): A Whole New World

  • I discuss internal vs external validity and show how IVEs can be used as a marketing tool for both managers and academics. 

8) Priming and Experimental Manipulations

  • I investigate the reason we conduct experimental manipulations and suggest an alternative approach that may help improve our understanding of marketing phenomena.