Dacota Liska

Doctoral Student

Hello! My name is Dacota Liska. I am currently a first year Doctoral Student studying in the Linguistics and Applied Language (LALS) Program at the University of South Florida (USF) in Tampa, FL.

I am currently researching identity construction in online social spacesĀ  from a poststructuralist perspective. A current major project considers how a US political representative constructed an authentic identity that was recognized and taken up by co-streamers and viewing constituents during a Twitch.tv live stream of the popular video game, Among Us. Additional ongoing projects consider identity construction in Reddit narratives, online consumer reviews and study abroad websites. My primary research interests thus center around poststructuralist identity construction, especially as it is (co)constructed online. My methodological approaches include discourse, conversation and narrative analysis as well as multimodal social semiotics.

I obtained my B.A. in Spanish Translation at the University of North Carolina and completed my M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESL at USF prior to continuing my academic studies in the LALS Program.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Thank you.